Our story

Here you can get to know more about the family and the dogs at Riverland Husky.

Tom Vang, his wife Kirsti Karlsen and their daughter Uma bought the farm and kennel in Reisa valley back in 2016. Since then they have lived and worked here.


Tom's passion in life is the dog and everything that comes with. To be a musher is a lifestyle.

The reason he started the Riverland Husky was to dedicate his life to the dog sledding races and at the same time allowed others to try out this exciting activity.

Their goal  

Tom is an experienced musher. He has participated in many races. Including the race Troms Quest in Målselv and the long-distance race Bergebyløpet in Finnmark.

Now his goal is to participate in the famous long-distance race Finnmarksløpet and Tom trains the dogs to be ready for that challenging race. It takes a lot of hard work, time and focus.

Uma – A young musher

Not surprisingly, the daughter Uma (14) loves being with the dogs. Despite her young age, she is a dedicated musher too. Umas dream is to participate in the Finnmarksløpet for youth when she turns 15 years.

The dogs  

In total it is 30 happy Alaska Huskeys at Riverland Husky. You will meet both small and cute puppies and trained race dogs. The Huskys are a natural part of the family and they really love people, to be cuddled and of course to go on adventures. Alaska Huskeys are known for being calm dogs, and they are good with children.

They are fast, has an extreme endurance and a lot of energy. In fact, they prefer cooler climates, so to live above the arctic circle, like in Reisa vally, really suits them. And that’s some of the reasons why the bred fits perfectly to be a sled dog.

Now it's your time

Now you know a little bit more about the family and the dogs at Riverland Husky. Do you want to experience how it´s to be a musher and try dog sledding too? Come visit us in Reisa Valley.

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